How I feel this morning


I spend part of the night trolling the internet. And yesterday I thought it was all over after the lawsuits of DJT emerged as a pedophile that he was child molester and was to have his day in court. . That seemed to all have died down He still has momentum toward a possible victory on Nov 8. Still sad and worried. I want Bernie. Should have voted for him in the primary. An old yiddish statements says Virt gurnish helfen. None of this will help. We are plagued with him for quite a while now. DJT is an evil man who will destroy the world as well as the USA. I keep comng back to the idea for checking out.
This morning I’m all gloom and doom. Do not feel the love or kindness of GB. But i love the dogs who have come to love me as well. Nice!
Peace and love be with you all!


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