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good memories

October 19, 2017


I’ve visited a very nice place time ago and have very good thoughts associated with it, here are some pics of that amazing place

All best, eve winer

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new methods

October 14, 2017


I’ve just found some new solutions to solve the condition you’re facing, read more here

All best, eve winer

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☀omg journey

October 13, 2017


I’m planning a summer trip and I simply wished to ask to look at my course, what do you consider? Here it is

Cheers, eve winer

useful stuff

October 7, 2017


I’ve read you were looking for that products for a long period, so I finally found it for you, reading more here

Warm regards, eve winer

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omg! just wished to say hi

October 4, 2017


Just wanted to say hello to you and let you know that I found something interesting for you, consider it here message

Bests, eve winer

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Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2017 7:41 AM
Subject: Foundation too orange.

It’s Stephen King novel about a super flu that the government accidently releases and it wipes out most of the population. It’s about the struggles different people go through. Then there is a struggle between good and evil. The good are drawn to one location and evil to a second. Definately King’s best of the ones that I’ve read and I’ve read most of his older works. I’m not a huge fan of the newer stuff. My user name is a spin off of something in the book and movie.

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October 3, 2017


I know that you were looking for that kind of information, just look at that open link

Good wishes, eve winer

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Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2017 2:31 PM
Subject: Did you die?

yes and on the macro level the probability distribution function collapses into a discrete deterministic value. There are arguments, like the quantum pencil problem, that do show that quantum mechanics can theoretically have macro impacts. However, for us to apply this to neurochemistry we have to propose some sort of model in which quantum fluctuations can “inflate” to the macro scale without being balanced by other fluctuations.

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yahoo news

September 30, 2017


I’ve just read some interesting information about our good friend, just take a look at him, he’s a superstar! Please read here website

Yours truly, eve winer

From: Eves Peeves [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2017 8:22 PM
Subject: Got room for a level 26?

As a Navy Veteran, I have met and dealt with a number of “Nukes” as we called them, they are considered very intelligent, with zero common sense. The term used for over thinking something to death is to “Nuke” it, so while the initial story was a bit shocking and odd, and had me asking what type of idiot would take a handgun to a rural WalMart with no intention to rob it or commit a crime…a Nuke that is who.

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a bit of news

September 25, 2017


Here is a lttle bit of news about our friends’ wedding, just take a look here continue reading

Typos courtesy of my iPhone, eve winer

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Sent: Monday, September 25, 2017 1:08 PM
Subject: Who the man?

Part of the problem is that you’re framing this in terms of humans, but we have a lot going on as a species beyond our individual characteristics and that confuses the discussion. This is a lot simpler if you think in terms of a lone predator or prey animal. Lets say a hawk or a bunny.

Now, lets pretend all hawks produce at the same rate and in the same age band. However, lets say there’s a mutation that lets hawks dive 20 faster will produce more ofspring who will also have the faster gene. These faster hawks will out compete the slower hawks for food and mates and eventually you’ll only have faster hawks. This means the faster gene made certain hawks fitter.

Now let’s look at the bunnies. For them, being stronger or faster won’t really help. They’re not going to be able to fight off a diving hawk and, with all of these super fast hawks around, they’re going to get caught before they even know the hawk is coming, so being faster won’t help. Instead, lets say some bunnies have a mutation that let’s them reach sexual maturity a little bit faster and have slightly larger litters. Now, these bunnies aren’t really stronger than then the other bunnies, but there are more of them. If the hawks are choosing bunnies randomly, they’ll whittle down the less fecund bunnies first. This means that the more fecund bunnies are fitter.

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wow! just news

September 22, 2017

Hey friend,

Here are some reports from our old friends, they seem to be to be really interesting, you may read them here open link

eve winer

From: Eves Peeves [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2017 8:10 PM
Subject: John Madden

I grew up in the area – quick answer to your question, are chain controls in effect? If so no matter what CA DOT will not let you past the check point without chains on in your car. They will make you turn around or put chains on.

CA is not like other states when it comes to their mountain passes. The rules are simple: 2wd = chains and it doesn’t matter if you have a huge truck or a small car. 4wd or AWD they let through once they confirm with you. They don’t check tires ever on 4WD or AWD even though the signs state 4WD with snow tires the vast majority of the time.

If you have never made the drive, just wait the storm out, this one is blowing through quick. If you are trying to go up there for NYE good luck with the traffic, it blows.

Edit: looks like no chain controls and no incoming snow so you’ll be fine the entire way up on your tires. You can bring chains if you like but it is nearly impossible that you will see snow anytime soon.

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wow! what an incredible place!

September 19, 2017


We have been recently at a wonderfully beautiful place, you just have to note that! Take a peek website

Warmly, eve winer

From: Eves Peeves [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 1:07 AM
Subject: But you’re a doctor!

$2.7 trillion for the UK is the latest figure and Italy is above $2 trillion

Italy doesn’t have a nuclear deterrent or a blue water navy or keep up to speed with the latest tech (type 45 destroyers, new subs, new aircraft carriers, F-35B (which we are part helping with))

I’m not saying it’s good or bad that we do this I’m just giving the reason for why. If you think it’s a good or bad idea for nuclear weapons or having the most up to date tech for our navy and armed forces in general is your opinion… although keep in mind we did have alot of colonies and did mess up a quarter of the world. If it’s responsibility to help them now I leave up to you.

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