Ca with my family and their dogs.

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some more pictures

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Being nagged by MDs and Big Pharma

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My internist’s office callls me every 3 months to come in for a “check-up”.My usual approach was to see my internist only when I feel ill or have a concern about my well being.
I saw a well known cardiologist in CA . No internvention was recommended by him for my AFib. He just added to continue taking Eliquis which I had filled in CA. I now get calls from the CA Pharmacy to renew my medication. Which I paid a copayment of $473 I’ve gotten these same calls from my Queens pharmacy. I sometimes do not necessarily comply with continuing with a medication. I got a rating of poor compliance about taking my medication as prescribed. I’m a bad resistant patient. I worry about the drugs being prescribed.
For years I have been taking leverlevothyroxine for an underactive thyroid. I’ve been travel a lot lately and have not taken it for a while. So my most recent visit for a “check-up” had me without this medicine. “Did I need it?” So Dr. G prescribed .25 MCG. Clearly equivocating. Come in again after taking this small does to be retested. I ran out of this small dose and called Dr. G’s office, What should I do now? Keep taking it and come in for another appointment. This was all conveyed to me via an office worker. Did not speak with the doctor directly.
So clearly Dr. G. does not like me as a patient, I’m non compliant. I don’t necessarily do what I’m told.
A disclaimer; I do not neglect my health. I take several nutrients. When I gave a list of these to my internist G.Gilbert Welch’s book “Overdiagnosed” Dr G. seemed not at all interested. Doctors and pharmacies go fishing for patients (and revenue).
It’s time to resist and go along with your intuition. And get your self educated about what you need to stay healthy.

I got a call from NYU Langone complaining that I had not paid my recent bill, $42.00. I had just sent it in via USPS.  This is the first time I was dunned to pay a copay.  Another nag!

the Mets

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Sorry I predicted their demise. I just had a feeling that they would not come through. Maybe next year/

Keep the faith. Just be prepared for a letdown
I saw Bridge of Spies yesterday. It was excellent. and very well done. A historic event that I had forgotten about.

The Mets

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They don’t disappoint. This is their style. Get our and their hopes up and then fall apart. They lost their mojo. And the disappointment feed on itself. Becomes a self fulfilling profacy. It would be nice if they could pull it out in the end at Citifield. I’m not optimistic. But wishful thinking still I say "Lets Go Mets"

Clean is Beautiful!

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So with a day and nothing special planned I’m going to do some cleaning and some disposal. Make my desk and kitchen beautiful.Flowers courtesy of my friend Oksana.

Nobody’s Perfect

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Tolerance! As we move through life we find ourselves having some challenges, being forgetful, making mistakes and some failing health. This is often a gradual process. Sometimes not. One of the by products of thiese events is judgment by some of our acquaintances that we are becoming incompetent. And this often results in rejection. Not wanting to be saddled with a failing person. Missing is empathy, tolerance and love.. Does not feel good.

test roses

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