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Cuomo’s Ethics Reform

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Not surprising that Cuomo cancelled the Ethics Investigation in NYState. we always knew that three people were making currupt decisions in NYS. That included the Speakers of the house and Assembly and the governor. These three granted many favors to businessess in NYS.
Now that Silver and Skelos are indited it was time to come after the governor. So he aborted the process by canceling the investigation.
That is why he was so visibly positive toward NYC. He wanted us to forget that he was in the mix of giving favors to influntial people over the years.
I wonder how many favors the Koch brothers got.


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I had a plumber Frank Weber at my house this morning and asked him if he know about ablation. Yes, Both his wife and young son had very similar procedures at Langone and with the same doctor who is doing my procedure (Chinitz)
,. They were all very impressed by him.Frank’s wife’s a nurse. They had been to St.Francis prior going to NYU.
I wish this were all over.
Eve Winer

Medican Manpractice

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As part of the process for the ablation is that I need to have a Ct scan for the surgeon. My NY cardiiologist send me to a radiologist here in Queens. Dr Siskind send me to MainStreetRadiology and they did not have the equipment for what Langone wanted. So now I have to have a CT scan at Langone on Monday. So that the ablation can go ahead. on Friday. I will have had a double dose of radiation.

Eve Winer

:When in need

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I will have a hospital procedure in early January and will be in hospital overnight and needed someone to discharge me and come home with me. I had several offers and two people actually agreed to come and get me. Among them my granddaughter Emma would come from CA. Which may still happen.. So my dear friend Miriam who is presently in CA. will be picking me up at NYU Langone after the ablation.So among those who were available are Edie Kaplan, Adrienne Kivelson, and Maria Santalesa.Thank you all.

collaberative medicine

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I seem to have doctors on both coasts that are talking to each other on my behalf.Dr Roger Winkle (CA) and Dr.Steven Suskind (NY) I asked my NYC cardiologist to contact a specialist I had consulted on the West coast of the USA. So last evening I got a call from Dr. Winkles office in Los Altos. With questions and a treatment plan for my A-fib.
The question is do I undergo ablation in early January in NYC with Dr.Larry Chinitz .
This all may restore my faith in the medical profession.
I want to thank several persons who have advised me including Dr. Glenn Rosen, Dr.Renee David Alakay,Dr.Craig Grobman, and Dr. Paul Ross
Can they be convinced that nutrients matter as well as meditation and Yoga.

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