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Please take a look at this cool stuff, it’s so funny! I just couldn’t stop laughing, check it out view message

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☀that’s just amazing

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✉you’ll love that news

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I think that’s the point. This society isn’t really meant to be seen as real. The peddlers are the middle class, always working and buying pointless shit. The fat people are the people who are seen as not contributing to society and taking resources from others. Their only hope of escaping this life is becoming a celebrity.

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✉I guess I’ve found it at last

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As you know I’ve been looking for some stuff for a long time, and I think I’ve found it at last, just take a look view message

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lilacs in bloom.Can you smell them?

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✉Re: that is really amazing

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I just wanted to show you something really amazing, please check it out here

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Great New Yorkers

April 15, 2017 by

One of us left our wallet in a garage yesterday and there was great anguish. We contact them when we got home. And they had already dispatched it to near our home by one of the employees who lives in our neighborhood. Gave us the contact and we retrieved the wallet. Good work and caring. We love you Rudy. Everything was intact. And peace was again achieved.
That’s New York for you!


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Have you seen that place already? It’s just spectaculars, you’ve got to look at it here open message

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I’ve got an announcement for you, you may be interested, you can find more information here message

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let’s go camping!

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I’ve decided to spend a couple of days in camping, just take a look at that place continue reading

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