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Great New Yorkers

April 15, 2017 by

One of us left our wallet in a garage yesterday and there was great anguish. We contact them when we got home. And they had already dispatched it to near our home by one of the employees who lives in our neighborhood. Gave us the contact and we retrieved the wallet. Good work and caring. We love you Rudy. Everything was intact. And peace was again achieved.
That’s New York for you!


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let’s go camping!

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I’ve decided to spend a couple of days in camping, just take a look at that place continue reading

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High costof medicine?

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Two reasons.I got acall from my internists’office that I was due for a checkup.Every 3 months. so I went was found in good health and then some drugs were prescribed. Including Blood Pressure medication.. My BP is normal.and always has been. Not one of my issues. Is there an award from the drug companies for the doctor for ordering drugs for patients. I declined the drug. No wonder tha t
medicine and health care is so costly. i

it’s just so cool

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feeling safe and insecure.

March 4, 2017 by

Now in the middle of the night I just listened to the Rachel Maddow show. About the danger Russian citizens involved with Putin are experiencing. How can we who are not sympathetic with the Russian government. or the American administration and are somewhat outspoken .worries me..
My only solution is not to expose myself to the diatribe about the abuses of our elected officialssls Don’t read the papers or listen to political commentary. Think happy and safe thoughts. Meditiate and do yoga.
Get out of doors and be exposed to sunshine. Try to be upbeat.


My tax dollars

March 2, 2017 by

The US government is withholding funding from countries that will give birth control counseling advice to its women (not men) .Someone has to be punished for having abortions.
.We are an overpopulated planet and I want my tax dollars to go to reduce the impact upon the world’s resources. Maybe we should withhold our taxes from the US Treasury. There should be an innitiative which helps citizens control what is done with their tax dollars.
Support Planned Parenthood and other climate impact organizations. , etc.
Let’ssetup our own fund to aide poor countries that need assistance incontroling their populations. growth with education .

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