Getting home from Grass Valley via Sacramento Ca.

August 24, 2015 by

I had rented a car in SFO from Hertz when I arrived in California and was advised to go home from Sacramento to NYC. On my return date Aug 21st I left Grass Valley (Wolf Creek Cohhousing for Sacramento heading for Hertz at the airport to return my car and make a 1):40 PM flight with Jetblue to NYC JFK.
I had directions from Gayle

Wolf Creek Cohousing

August 20, 2015 by

I just spend 10 day at Wolf Creek Cohousing and metliest of wonderful people Learned a lot about the area, the Sierra’s and the Gold industry and how they extracted the gold from these mountains. With a great deal of manpower and engineering ingenuity. The Chinese were here from the building of the railroad and stayed for the gold rush. A lot of CA families came up from the Bay area including the Bourns who had also built Filoli in the southern Bay. Mainly to get away from the noise of the machine that was pulverizing the rock to get at the heavier gold. Then hydraulic gold retrieval was employed to wash down the pulverized rock which had been shattered by the force of water canons. The landscape was destroyed and federal judge got the mining companies to stop this operation and destruction of the land. Very interesting history the Sierras. Wolf Creek choosing is a community of older adults within no children some pets and many bright and friendly people. I was very welcomed and partook of all their activities including meals. movies and was invited to meetings and noted the way decisions were made. (consensus). Everyone was very polite and considerate of each other. I saw no dissection or rancor.
I could easily live here but the location is very far north from Peter and Emma. Sophie has been taken to Salem Oregon where she will start college shortly. I will visit there as well see Sandy and visit other cohousing communities.
One of the members suggested that a group looking into the ultimate purpose of the community, make a better world. "Together we can be more wise than anyone can be alone. " There is strength in numbers.
Most of the members share my political persuasion and are Universal Unitarians. I had the chance to attend a church service. Thanks to Bob Miller.
We will take some pictures tonight and I will share them with my readers.
This way of living can lead to more respect for the planet to more respect more cooperation and love and caring, kindness for each other. etc. Better health, less stress,etc. Less consumption.
At this advanced age, mid 80s one can still see hope for us elders and our planet.. There is still much we can teach each other and set an example of how to conduct ourselves as individuals and together.

!Booth Memorial Hospital of Queens

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I had a pretty serious medical procedure cardio-conversion, yesterday at Booth Memorial Hospital of Queens which is now NYU Langone associated with Presbyterian hospital of NYC. I had not been in the facility for years perhaps once when one of my children was injured. Never as a patient. Overall it was clean and cheerful and everyone I encountered was very nice and helpful. I undertook this procedure on the advice of Dr. Renee David Alkalay (nature path) and his cardiologist Steven Siskind together with Dr. Spinelli, vascular surgeon in the arrythmia facility where they just do conversions and ablations. I got information all along the way through the procedure, All my questions were answered. Including this morning when I spoke with both doctors offices and was told All is well in a timely fashion. that the conversion was successful. Good medical service is to be recognized as well as not so good service.

Tomorrow evening  I’m off to CA to visit Peter, Emma and Sophie and spend some time at Wolf Creek Cohousing. See Yvonne etc.

Meditate. relax and make some new friends.



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The most significant think we can do for our children is leave them with an appreciation for their siblings. I had a friend who died this Spring who had 4 children and 12 grandchildren. Everyone was very good to her and helped her and her husband manage their old age. I asked her how come her children were so accommodating. Her reply was "You reap what you sow". The 4 children and 12 grandchildren remain closely allied to this day. So this is what I wish for my 3 grandchildren. That they remain friends and support each other throughout their lives.
Similarly my friend Nicie and her brothers are very close to each other as well as to me. Even though continents apart.
In my immediate family my brother Ken and I were not close until our mother died. And Leon was not at all close to his brother. Sam.
And finally my good neighbors, Lindsey, Dana and Annika remain close to their brother and uncle Henry. Even though there is a great distance between them all as to where they live.
So I urge that parents encourage their children to remain well connected through their young adulthood and beyond.
Setting a good example as to how we all relate to our siblings is wise.

Iceland Art

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I just returned from Iceland from a very good trip and overview of the island and its geological history. It is an island that is always on the verge of erupting. And even when we were there there was an alert that there may be some volcanic activity in the near future. Did not happen. We saw lots of lava, thermalactivity and barron land caused by volcanic action as well as sheep.In Akureye we met an artist who was from the island and we were able to see her collection, Hjordis Frimann. Lots of color andi magination.

Roses Brooklyn Botanical Garden 6/12/15

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Wow – So beautiful! And very different from NYBG.

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Roses Brooklyn Botanical Garden 6/12/15

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Airplane travel

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I can?t be bicoastal. Have to stay put. 20 hrs going back and forth is outrageous. This times have a rude seatmatr in front of me that refuses to bring her sestaack up and is encroaching upon MySpace. upon my space.v Oh well. I don’ tolerate ;rudeness. Dry well.

So What happened to Google

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I just tried to write someone using Google and was unable to maneuver the site.  Could not sent a message.  Google has completely changed.  Without asking or consulting me!  How do I communicate now? Help!


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I read Dr. Mercola’s health articles daily. But today I had a panic attack that was very disturbing and the only thing I could do about it was to call Dr. Mercola"s hot line to ask for advice. I spoke with Sean and discussed my concerns and he said he would research my issues and get back to me as soon as possible. Within an hour I got some references from him about improper breathing impacting on one’s mental well being. The title was "How the Buteyko Breathing Method Can Improve Your Health and Fitness." I have learned so much from Joe Mercola. He needs to be honored and cherished as does his team.
Thanks for being there.


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