!Booth Memorial Hospital of Queens

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I had a pretty serious medical procedure cardio-conversion, yesterday at Booth Memorial Hospital of Queens which is now NYU Langone associated with Presbyterian hospital of NYC. I had not been in the facility for years perhaps once when one of my children was injured. Never as a patient. Overall it was clean and cheerful and everyone I encountered was very nice and helpful. I undertook this procedure on the advice of Dr. Renee David Alkalay (nature path) and his cardiologist Steven Siskind together with Dr. Spinelli, vascular surgeon in the arrythmia facility where they just do conversions and ablations. I got information all along the way through the procedure, All my questions were answered. Including this morning when I spoke with both doctors offices and was told All is well in a timely fashion. that the conversion was successful. Good medical service is to be recognized as well as not so good service.

Tomorrow evening  I’m off to CA to visit Peter, Emma and Sophie and spend some time at Wolf Creek Cohousing. See Yvonne etc.

Meditate. relax and make some new friends.



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The most significant think we can do for our children is leave them with an appreciation for their siblings. I had a friend who died this Spring who had 4 children and 12 grandchildren. Everyone was very good to her and helped her and her husband manage their old age. I asked her how come her children were so accommodating. Her reply was "You reap what you sow". The 4 children and 12 grandchildren remain closely allied to this day. So this is what I wish for my 3 grandchildren. That they remain friends and support each other throughout their lives.
Similarly my friend Nicie and her brothers are very close to each other as well as to me. Even though continents apart.
In my immediate family my brother Ken and I were not close until our mother died. And Leon was not at all close to his brother. Sam.
And finally my good neighbors, Lindsey, Dana and Annika remain close to their brother and uncle Henry. Even though there is a great distance between them all as to where they live.
So I urge that parents encourage their children to remain well connected through their young adulthood and beyond.
Setting a good example as to how we all relate to our siblings is wise.

Iceland Art

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I just returned from Iceland from a very good trip and overview of the island and its geological history. It is an island that is always on the verge of erupting. And even when we were there there was an alert that there may be some volcanic activity in the near future. Did not happen. We saw lots of lava, thermalactivity and barron land caused by volcanic action as well as sheep.In Akureye we met an artist who was from the island and we were able to see her collection, Hjordis Frimann. Lots of color andi magination.

Roses Brooklyn Botanical Garden 6/12/15

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Wow – So beautiful! And very different from NYBG.

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Roses Brooklyn Botanical Garden 6/12/15

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Airplane travel

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I can?t be bicoastal. Have to stay put. 20 hrs going back and forth is outrageous. This times have a rude seatmatr in front of me that refuses to bring her sestaack up and is encroaching upon MySpace. upon my space.v Oh well. I don’ tolerate ;rudeness. Dry well.

So What happened to Google

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I just tried to write someone using Google and was unable to maneuver the site.  Could not sent a message.  Google has completely changed.  Without asking or consulting me!  How do I communicate now? Help!


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I read Dr. Mercola’s health articles daily. But today I had a panic attack that was very disturbing and the only thing I could do about it was to call Dr. Mercola"s hot line to ask for advice. I spoke with Sean and discussed my concerns and he said he would research my issues and get back to me as soon as possible. Within an hour I got some references from him about improper breathing impacting on one’s mental well being. The title was "How the Buteyko Breathing Method Can Improve Your Health and Fitness." I have learned so much from Joe Mercola. He needs to be honored and cherished as does his team.
Thanks for being there.

American Airlines

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I was on Flt 20 from SFO to JFK on May 14. in coach on American Airlines. I could only get a window seat. 14F. In front of me in 13 F there was a young woman who kept putting her seat back farther and farther into my space. She had an empty seat next to her. I asked her not to do this she ignored me. She also did not put her seat upright during take off. The stewardess Lois seemed enamored with her and when she went throughout at the onset of the flight she saw that this passenger was on her cell phone and asked that was she on airplane mode and condoned this activity. After a while I was quite uncomfortable and asked to have my seat changed to the one next to this young woman.. The woman of course refused she did not want to forfeit the empty seat next to her and put her seat back upright so I went back to 14 F. Lois the flight attendant kept saying that one can put their seat back as far as they choose. She did in no way prevail upon this passenger to be more considerate. And she lied saying that the seat was upright during takeoff. Lois offered the woman in 13F free drink(s) to make up for being asked to consider the passenger behind her.
This feels very much like age discrimination. This young woman was rather pretty and I am a senior citizen.
Lois is quite middle aged and perhaps needs reassignment. With luck she too will become a senior and experience this kind of discrimination in the future.

Eve K.Winer, PH.D.
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The Value of Podcasting

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I testified at a Water Board Hearing today about my concerns about putting Fluoride into NYC water. In case I was going to do it reviewed. my previous post. to make the same points. It was very helpful to my presentation and could refer the audience to the original post for the links about the points I was making.

After I spoke another woman was called on to make her point. She had much more to present to the Board regarding facts and studies. Another young man was present who had just heard about the hearing on line and just got on the subway from Jamaica, NY to hear what was being said.
I met two new friends and we went to dinner afterwards to Monducate in Long Island City. And will stay in touch and form an activist group and try to have some influence with the powers that be.


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