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Farewell to NYC!

September 10, 2016 by

Peter is here with me getting me ready to emmigrate to Gr. Br. So we used these  weeks going all around NYC. Starting with

1. TheCloisters
2. NYBotGardens
4. High LIne Whitney Museum
3. Met Museum Breuer Mus
4. Cooper Hewitt Museum
5. Theatre Jesse Tyler Ferguson and dinner at Juniors
6. Peter Tunney Gallery on Franklyn St. TriBeca “Don’t Panic”

7. 8/4 Noguchi Museum & Socratese Park LIC

8. World Trade complex
9. Tenement Museum -Odessa lunch. Bklyn Bridge Park &
Prominade Tutt Restaurant
10 US OpenCenter free qualifying matches
11. Murray 1st round
Baseball Mets
12 9/2-4 Kripalu – Lenox Mass.
13 Louis Armstrong House Corona
14 Gateway National Park Reserve
Doctor’sappointments – Internist Dr. Grobman
Dr. Long Orthopedist MRI Knee 9/11 Peter to Toronto via Buffalo
Dr Rath Dermatologist
Dr Ragussa cleaning for me and Peter.((9/21 -22)
(/10 dinner with CostaRica friends at Oneness

Governor’s Island

9/21 Colombian Restaurant in JH with Linda Geiger

9/22 Kyquit Rockerfeller Estate

9/23 Diner with the Ottmans

9/24 Bong autumn solstice with Renee Drygg On way home search for bubble tea and also get Peter some White Castle burgers.

9/25 Walk to Downtown Flushing Eat at Dumpling Galaxy Bus home

Eve Winer

PS: Still waiting for Peter’s Visa to be able to go overseas.


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Ronald Sokalski


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Peter and I went to the US Open tennis center last night to watch Andy Murray and Serena Williams win. Getting to our seats was a challenge. No one who seemed to be employed by the US OPEN knew where to direct us. Even the elevator operator left us at the wrong section and floor. I t was the first day of the night matches. That may be an excuse for the lack of assistance. The new Arthur Ash Stadium with the roof retracted was quite nice. No airplanes overhead. We go to Kirpalu on Labor Day weekend for an unwinding. It has been a busy whirlwind exploration of NYC. What a great city.


Eve Winer

Loss of Freedom and Independence

July 22, 2016 by

I want to be able to control what I ingest even in the water. We are having issues with using the food stream and medical advice of treatment from big pharma and agriculture. imposing their will and stressing their bottom line . Some of the issues I am concerned about is fluoridation of the water supply Genetically modified crops, mandated vaccinations . Agricultural practices.(CAFO).Recently I asked to address a group I am a member of about my concerns in this area. I wanted to start a dialogue among the members. I was denied access to the membership. Is this what a country under the control of the Republicans. What ever they don’t like Trump will fix. Discent is discouraged and not given a voice. We have lost the right to voice opposition. (gun control) Discrimination against black males.
And we are no longer free to voice and act on our concerns.

Eve Winer

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Good wishes, Robert N Chambers


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Otterness at NYBG kingston

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Enhancing the Environment! A great solution to how to provide ground cover in conservation times.

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