It makes Me sick and afraid!

April 27, 2016 by

Listening to Trump.And the policies he is proposing in his Foreign policy speech today.MSNBC gives a balanced view with its anchors and guests. Knocking down all the aggressive parts of Donald’s speech. Is he starting a nuclear war, Making nations pay for their negative relations with the US. Mexico will pay for the wall! He brings in a key coach from Indiana, (Knight) Implying that if he does not win the Indiana primary the game is over.even threatening the voters. He needs to come to the Republican convention with the delegate count being a mandate for him to be the party front runner.
I shutter to think that there are so many people in the US who subscribe to his rhetoric Everyone will pay even women who have abortions. How about their partners. "Someone has to be punished!"
Its a pathetic circus and scary travesty. USA!USA If I believed in god I’d say god save us! That’s why so many of us sought out Bernie Sanders. Goodness knows He tried. Can Hillary do it!~ Do we have energy left to give her strength to fight this on her own. The Millenials will have to come up to the plate. I will cast my vote and even work for Hillary and perh.And I trust she will give a position of prominence to Bernie so that he can be a strong influence thus enable her to win the presidency. And do the right thing.


Gardens in Flushing, Theatre Exhibit for the Magic Flute at Lincoln Center PL.

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26 April, 2016 11:01

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Patient’s Bill of Rights, Managing MyHealth:

April 26, 2016 by

I don’t know when I wrote this but would like to share it with my readers .
"I take responsibility for my own well being
I see my doctor as a collaborator in keeping me healthy
I want a doctor who respects my right to respectfully decline treatment,procedures and medication
I prefer less intervention to more. I prefer to give my body a chance to heal itself without medical intervention
I believe in less testing than more.
When you test you find. Let’s not go looking, fishing
And finally I’d like my doctor(s) to be respectful, encouraging, supportive, upbeat, positive and even nurturing."
That’s is!

Eve Winer

My walking buddy

April 20, 2016 by


ody and Lindsey take a walk together almost every day.

Power of One Vote

April 17, 2016 by

In the 1950s when I was a young mother and quite interested in care and feeding of my two sons I learned about the hazards of fluoride in our water supply and became active in the move to have it not put into NYC water supply. At the same time I joined a political club in our Jackson Heights neighborhood. The JFK Reform Democratic Club. There we were selecting individuals to run for political office.
I got to know the individuals running for state government positions.Our nominee was very much in favor of fluoridating NYS water. We held the election and that individual lost by one vote. He was not put on the ballot. Nor did he go to Albany.

Fluoridating public water continues to be a debate. We are taking the fight to remove it from public water . And Robin Warwick and I will be speaking at the Auburndale Improvement Association on Tuesday evening after you have all voted At St.Kevin’s Parish in Auburndale (Flushing) Queens.


April 9, 2016 by

I start every day by reading Dr. Mercola’s healtharticles. Today’s article
left me very depressed. About the dismal state of Cancer treatment world wide.
And the interference by the medical profession and big Pharma. Not working with the patient and various a therapies that might be successful.
I need to do less of this kind of reading. And stop punishing myself. Think positive, forgive and
Meditate ! Non judgemental awareness. Hold back judgement. Let it go.

More later.

Eve Winer

HRC vs. BS

April 6, 2016 by

I’ve been struggling who to support in next week’s Democratic primary here in NY. I like both candidates. And tend to support the underdog. Thus BS was most likely to get my vote. So, someone who’s opinion I value has been giving all kinds of rationalle for voting for HRC. And now BS has emerged as a possible candidate. And sent money to both campaigns. I’m still not sure who I will vote for. And will get back with my exit poll action next week.Peace be with you all.



March 29, 2016 by

made and put up by  Peter Tunney an artist in different parts of our city including Harlem.

Our meditation group leader

suggested that we keep a journal about the things we are grateful for. So I’ve been seeing this sign as I head out of Flushing by Citifield and went to look for it today and found it in Willets Point where all the chop shops are. ┬áThat the city is taking over with under eminent domaine laws.


Capital 1 Bank

March 23, 2016 by

Kudos to Capital 1. I had made a purchase on my Capital 1 credit card and did not realize in time that the charge was $1500. This account is managed by my Citibank Account. Citibank pays Capital 1 account in case I forget. I wanted to cancel this charge and went to Citibank first. The chief of the branch simply told me I had to pay this or ruin my credit. I then went to Capital 1 They contacted the merchant and the charge was taken off my account as well as a $150 (10 %) penaty they wanted to impose. Thank you Capitall 1. We had a 3 way call Capital 1, me and the merchant.
Thanks to Cap 1.


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