Leon’s Jacket


Many years ago Leon acquired  an outer LLBean jacket the he liked very much. So much that he wore it every chance he could.  In the neighborhood, in the city, on vacations and even skiing even though he had a proper ski outfit.  After a while I was finding it excessive and asked   replace it.  He tried to accomodate me and first asked LLBean if they had another one exactly the same.  Well it was no longer in stock but they  had a similar model.  Leon tried it. Was not satisfied. He went to different vendors and sent all the versions back.  He continued to wear his original jacket. It was machine washable so looked relatively presentable.

Then I had a stroke of luck. The zipper broke. Now he would have to replace it.  Well not exactly. He complained to LLBean and they replaced the zipper.  So I gave up and he wore it to his dying days.

Leon Winer's Jacket

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