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I’ve never been lucky or rich enough for a Bino’s but I’ve used a Brightbeak/ (chaos damage applying unique dagger. Sorry, out ar a bar) for a Venom strike setup recently (since the kind of buff to VS) and I recall it working OK but feeling like I was really giving something up in defense at the time. It seems like a slight change in focus for defense and I could really make that a more viable 1.3 build now that the block chance is less an option 20th the current tree. Again, sorry for any misspellings, I’m at a bar. Instead of in front of my computer. Which is my usual new years celebration.

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Doing Research Thinking outside the box.

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If one could live anywhere in the US That is safe from natural disaster, Or industrial disaster has a liberal citizenry. decent climate, is safe, dog friendly, where there are jobs for almost everyone, no guns, adequate health care, good hospitals and whatever else is needed to live the good and healthy life.
I’m doing a survey to find the best place to live in the continental US.
What comes to my mind is Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington.

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I severely doubt that. We’re not a good launch location for one. So there’d be needless increased risk for little gain. If the nukes were discovered or exposed (by Russia, a Snowden or anything else) it’d kill the alliance and whatever government was in power at the time. We’d go New Zealand on nukes and America.

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I still don’t believe in God. During the stress people were feeling from the hurricane. A woman was filmed screaming "There is a god,Thank you god!". She apparently had survived unexpectedly. I still do not believe in god. We are all responsible for our own destiny. But is there a higher power. We the people are doing something causing the natural disasters, hurricanes Irma and major earthquakes Mexico.
We need to stop disturbing and distroying this earth, Our only home. in the galaxy as of now.

Contempating Peace of Mind

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My father used to say "What’s it all about trying to figure out the end of life issues. He apparently was aware of his deterioration. He died in his 90’s with dementia. Which was inherited, his many siblings also had it. He was the youngest of 10 children. And he never figured it all out. My mother was content with having a bad heart in her 60’s . And seemed to know that her time had come. She had rhumatic fever as a young woman. Was not alive to witness her one son Ken die. We his progeny did but miss him to this day. I think he most likely had an idea what to do at the end of his life. Which he brought on by himself. He was a serious smoker of tobacco as well as marajuana. I don’t think he was happy in his later years.
I myself do not seem to have any peace of mind and do not feel safe completing my life. Nor do I feel happy. Being seriously depressed I am seeking out stronger anti depressants. from a local psychiatrist. Will that give me peace of mind.
On NPR this morning I heard aTED talk about the Art of Stillness. And I am a great admirer of Pablo Neruda who wrote Keeping quiet. A poem introduced to me by John Kabat-Zinn.(MBSR)
It starts with "Now we will count to 12 and we will all keep still. and ends with "Now I will count up to 12 and you keep quiet and I will go.

Missing pieces

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I left out some significant pieces of Leon’s impact upon our nuclear family in the first draft which was lost by being hacked.
Leon taught us all how to manage careers and money. I was left with a good nest egg for my retirement. He taught me how to manage investments and money. He guided our sons career wise. He worked in the early development of computers at IBM and thus encouraged our sons to become software developers. They are earning good salaries in this field and seem to enjoy their work.
What was missing was compassion, kindness and mindfulness and love.
As I think of him as a father, husband etc. I’ll will most likely add to these impressions.

​Eve Winer​

Steve Bannon

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Does anybody remember Bannon saying to the American people "And don’t think you are getting your country back. I’m going to check on Google now for the quote.
I also remember George Bush saying "This is a Christian country.
we are governed by a bunch of racists etc.


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He has something on Trump and is threatening to go to the Mueller grand jury or the press and out him and his finances. So Bannon is fire proof. That is why he cannot be dismissed and fired.


Great New Yorkers

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One of us left our wallet in a garage yesterday and there was great anguish. We contact them when we got home. And they had already dispatched it to near our home by one of the employees who lives in our neighborhood. Gave us the contact and we retrieved the wallet. Good work and caring. We love you Rudy. Everything was intact. And peace was again achieved.
That’s New York for you!

High costof medicine?

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Two reasons.I got acall from my internists’office that I was due for a checkup.Every 3 months. so I went was found in good health and then some drugs were prescribed. Including Blood Pressure medication.. My BP is normal.and always has been. Not one of my issues. Is there an award from the drug companies for the doctor for ordering drugs for patients. I declined the drug. No wonder tha t
medicine and health care is so costly. i