To Eve’s friends


This will likely be the last post on this blog.

The author, unlike the other posts here, is not Eve Winer, it’s her son, Dave Winer.

I’ve spoken with a few of mom’s friends on the phone, one, Florence Sisenwein, at first said “Eve!” probably seeing the caller id and confusing Dave for Eve. Then she asked, with some fear, why are you calling me? I’d guess by that point she probably knew.

It was one of many real moments in the last week and a half.

She’s gone

Eve Winer died. It happened on Monday February 5. She didn’t linger in decline. This was important. Her heart, a weakness shared by pretty much everyone in her parents’ family, failed.

We miss her.

Her peeves will remain here as long as WordPress keeps this site running. We hope that’s a long time. Her memory, and the sadness, that will linger as long as we’re alive.

As new documents and photos are uploaded I’ll link to them here.

My email address is, if you’re a friend of hers and would like to talk please get in touch.


Invitation to the wedding, on Christmas Day, 1953 at the Park Lane Hotel in NYC.

NY Times obituary.

Dave Winer blog post.

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