Contempating Peace of Mind


My father used to say "What’s it all about trying to figure out the end of life issues. He apparently was aware of his deterioration. He died in his 90’s with dementia. Which was inherited, his many siblings also had it. He was the youngest of 10 children. And he never figured it all out. My mother was content with having a bad heart in her 60’s . And seemed to know that her time had come. She had rhumatic fever as a young woman. Was not alive to witness her one son Ken die. We his progeny did but miss him to this day. I think he most likely had an idea what to do at the end of his life. Which he brought on by himself. He was a serious smoker of tobacco as well as marajuana. I don’t think he was happy in his later years.
I myself do not seem to have any peace of mind and do not feel safe completing my life. Nor do I feel happy. Being seriously depressed I am seeking out stronger anti depressants. from a local psychiatrist. Will that give me peace of mind.
On NPR this morning I heard aTED talk about the Art of Stillness. And I am a great admirer of Pablo Neruda who wrote Keeping quiet. A poem introduced to me by John Kabat-Zinn.(MBSR)
It starts with "Now we will count to 12 and we will all keep still. and ends with "Now I will count up to 12 and you keep quiet and I will go.

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