☀’Walking school’ shows amputees a life without wheelchairs



INDIANAPOLIS — After a moped exploded six years ago, Christopher Allen McCoy was in a coma for four open message

eve winer

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It’s entirely different situations. Test scores *are* going to be lower for a poor kid going to an inner city school where the class sizes are too big, the staff is underpaid, and kids can’t get help when they need it most of the time.

It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison to say those things are related. No matter how intelligent or hard-working a student is, their life situation isn’t necessarily going to allow for them to thrive. This is not nearly the same as wealthy kids going to nicer schools with available help/tutors/well educated parents.

And that’s leaving out the fact that many schools had been intentionally excluding minority students for a variety of reasons.

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