showug gratitude and appreciation.


This is an essential aspect of an important relationship. I have a tendency to lean on support help especially when it comes to my computor needs. I am quite computor illiterate and tend to panic when I have problems with my computors. I have leaned on in the past DMW, PWW and Lindsey Ottman and Annika Ottman all of who were available as needed in a pinch. I want to appologize to all these persons and thank them for being available as needed to solve my problems. Each of these persons responded to my urgency and helped rectify the situation. David kept saying take a course on how to solve computer problems. I still need to find such a program. He finally got so fed up and gave up. No more help. So the Ottmans filled the gap Coming over to my house in response to my urgency.
As a result David and I no longer have a relationship. We are not communicating. I should have shown gratitude and appreciation for all his assistance. And help with my relationships new and challenging.
I’m in the process of doing this with my relationship with Peter and his family who have spared nothing to make feel lloved and appreciated.
I’m going to stop dissing my self. I have done the best I could in the relationship with friends and relatives. i try to be a good person. but have to accept the consequences of my erradic and impulsive behavior. and stop leaning on those willing to be imposed on.the motto is be grateful in the word of Peter Tunney .billboard artist.

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