Sugar addiction


I have known that sugar is hazardous for one’s health since the days of Carlton Frediericks. Who I listened to on the radio in the early 50’s until he died of lung cancer he was a smoker and I also read Yudkun about the dangers of sugars. But to this day I cannot resist sweets. Peter and I are under a great deal of stress while waiting for his visa to arrive so that we can go to Great Britain. This situation has resulted in out of control eating. One thing that has been accomplished Peter has reduced his cola consumption in favor of kambucha. But I cannot stop with the sweets. I put the ice cream back in the freezer at the supermaket a few days ago. But bought cookies instead. Knowing is not doing. I read daily today had another article on the hazards of sugar. So I start afresh today. No sugar, some fasting and better food choices.


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