Loss of Freedom and Independence


I want to be able to control what I ingest even in the water. We are having issues with using the food stream and medical advice of treatment from big pharma and agriculture. imposing their will and stressing their bottom line . Some of the issues I am concerned about is fluoridation of the water supply Genetically modified crops, mandated vaccinations . Agricultural practices.(CAFO).Recently I asked to address a group I am a member of about my concerns in this area. I wanted to start a dialogue among the members. I was denied access to the membership. Is this what a country under the control of the Republicans. What ever they don’t like Trump will fix. Discent is discouraged and not given a voice. We have lost the right to voice opposition. (gun control) Discrimination against black males.
And we are no longer free to voice and act on our concerns.

Eve Winer

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