Getting out of Central America via AvIanca Air LInes and Sansa Airline.


I just spend a week in Cost Rica on the OSA peninsula at En cantia on thePacific Ocean side of the country.To get there via Avianca one has to go to El Salvador and change planes. The airline uses the airport to regroup both passengers and crew for future flights. The most harrowing experience was coming home from the resort.
We had to leave at 11:30 AM by taxi to Port Jimenez where we were scheduled to pick ups small commuter flight to San Jose. via Sansa Air.
Did some shopping in San Jimenez.
We were scheduled to leave for NY at San Jose. The departure board said we were to use Gate 17 and had to go through security to get there. Was told there that we were leaving from Gate 12 and to go to another security check. Another stop had been added Hondures after San Salvador Milling around the Airport were not only passengers and numerous crew. I noted as I got off the plane to fly to San Jose that there were many crew members waiting to disembarkment.
They don’t rush off a plane like vacation travelers do.
So in the terminal there was lots of milling around by passengers and crew. Everyone trying to find their way home and to work.
General impression about the country. Getting around is a challenge either by car or foot. The roads are very rocky and hard to drive over and walk on. At one time I got a ride on a motor bike. Very scary. Bumpy and precarious.
outstanding hospitality by service community and local citizen.
To be concluded.

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