The Optimist about Learning to see Without Glasses


I received a new magazine that I had come across in WolfCreek cohousing. I subscribed. It is chocked full of good information.. The first issue received had an article entitled "No More Glasses".I want to give a shootout to Ruth Berwin an elderly lady I knew many years ago. She would not wear glasses or hearing aids. Believing using either of these would impair her vision and hearing.

She was right! an article in the Optimist writes about the Bates Method of seeing better. Bates wrote Perfect Sight Without Glasses in 1920. Now that we know about nerve cells regenerating in the brain (neuroplasty) we can learn how to improve our vision.
Also Esther VanDer Werf wrote in her book " Read without glasses at any age" It is all about relaxing the eyes.

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