Lots to Peeve about.


I’ve gotten involved in the medical establishment here in CA. Saw a renowned cardiologist Roger Winkle who did an extensive interview with me about my A fib. He is a cardiologist and well entrenched in big Pharma. Nothing new in his approach Primarily to prescribe expensive drugs. Gave me some samples, an echo cardiogram and I paid $473 for the drugs at the local drug store in CA. I Will however be reimbursed at the end of the year by my union for the copayment. What do poor people do to get what is considered top of the line treatment. Maybe locally they can avoid the intervention and perhaps learn more about other less invasive strategies. Goodness knows that I have tried to adjust and improve my lifestyle. Better diet and nutrients and state of mind. His recommendations essentially the same as my NY internist Steve Siskind. Eliquis and Carvedilol. Mainly blood thiner and heart rate regulator. He also want me to wear a Halter monitor to get a picture of my heart activity during daily living. Nothing new here. He does not seem worried about the condition of my heart.
Roger Winkle, well known in the profession does not have any regard for nutritional or alternative intervention. I need an expensive blood thinner Krill oil, Vit C and COQ10 are not regarded as blood thinner.
He tells the story that his mother(grandmother) was a homeopath but eventually gave it up because it didn’t work.
I asked him about Statins. He said that he and his whole family takes them. Because they work. He had heard this before. All with a smile on his face. He had heard all this before. I am not alone seeking natural treatments for heart issues.
So what did I learn from this experience. Just go along. Don’t take life so seriously. Perhaps the drugs won’t kill me. My state of mind may well instead.
I have a good mentor, Renee David Allakay (naturopath). Who is always there to listen and has similar heart issues. Even between NY and CA.

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