Wolf Creek Cohousing


I just spend 10 day at Wolf Creek Cohousing and metliest of wonderful people Learned a lot about the area, the Sierra’s and the Gold industry and how they extracted the gold from these mountains. With a great deal of manpower and engineering ingenuity. The Chinese were here from the building of the railroad and stayed for the gold rush. A lot of CA families came up from the Bay area including the Bourns who had also built Filoli in the southern Bay. Mainly to get away from the noise of the machine that was pulverizing the rock to get at the heavier gold. Then hydraulic gold retrieval was employed to wash down the pulverized rock which had been shattered by the force of water canons. The landscape was destroyed and federal judge got the mining companies to stop this operation and destruction of the land. Very interesting history the Sierras. Wolf Creek choosing is a community of older adults within no children some pets and many bright and friendly people. I was very welcomed and partook of all their activities including meals. movies and was invited to meetings and noted the way decisions were made. (consensus). Everyone was very polite and considerate of each other. I saw no dissection or rancor.
I could easily live here but the location is very far north from Peter and Emma. Sophie has been taken to Salem Oregon where she will start college shortly. I will visit there as well see Sandy and visit other cohousing communities.
One of the members suggested that a group looking into the ultimate purpose of the community, make a better world. "Together we can be more wise than anyone can be alone. " There is strength in numbers.
Most of the members share my political persuasion and are Universal Unitarians. I had the chance to attend a church service. Thanks to Bob Miller.
We will take some pictures tonight and I will share them with my readers.
This way of living can lead to more respect for the planet to more respect more cooperation and love and caring, kindness for each other. etc. Better health, less stress,etc. Less consumption.
At this advanced age, mid 80s one can still see hope for us elders and our planet.. There is still much we can teach each other and set an example of how to conduct ourselves as individuals and together.

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