Fluoridation in NYC


NYC is finally addressing the controversy of toxins in our water. There are a series of hearings this coming week where citizens will be allowed to speak and address their concerns about toxins in our waterIn reading Wise Traditions put out by the Weston A.Price Foundation (a former dentist) I came across two statements that address toxins in our water.
1. Dentists use approximately forty metric tons of mercury a year. They are the largest source of mercury in our waste water treatment plants.
2. Pineal gland calcification is due to excessive fluoride exposure is a clinical risk factor in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disease and insomnia as well as ADHD.
3. Dr. Oz is giving enough publicity to the hazards of GE foods that contain Glyphosate from agricultural herbicides (Roundup). Also a toxin in our water.
4. I just spent over $1000 for a R/O filter to take the fluoride and particulates out of my drinking water in my home.

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