Breast Cancer a cash cow,


Doctors, Big Pharma and device manufacturers are benefiting, Even Medicare. TV, radio

In the days when I was still taking mammograms I remember that after you had the radiation you could not get the results. In order to be reimbursed you had call it to comeback for another visit to get the doctor to tell you if he/she found any cancer. Sometimes they find a non cancer, Ductal carcinoma in situ or call it "atypical". The woman is called back for a sonogram or more intense mammogram, or biopsy. Or the woman is put on medication Tamoxifin for years. So everyone profits.

It is becoming such a big business, There is a Ken Burns special soon on the subject of Cancer. Also NPR radio is following 3 women who are sharing their experience with the disease with John Hockenbury. One has had a recurrence. And today Angelina Jolie tells her story in todays NYT’ of being about to undergo surgery very soon to avoid a recurrence of her Cancer.
There is a better solution to the diagnosis of breast cancer. Thermography which does not involve dangerous and cumulative radiation but tends to be more accurate and less invasive. And may well catch the disease earlier.

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