This is what I hoped to present at the meeting with NYS officials this morning. Unfortunately we were there only to listen. I was able to broach the subject and one of Cuomo’s aides said she would check on what I was concerned about and get back to me. Most of the the audience were from Nassau County and there does not seem to be fluoride in the drinking water on Long  Island.
Originally Fluoride was a toxic waste product of manufacturing aluminum products and fertilizer mfg. They disposed of the toxic waste and got paid for it. At present NYS is paying $24M a year to purchase this chemical poison About 71 % of citizens of the state are subject to this and the governor is proposing to put another 10 % into the system. Fluoride is a poison and shouldn’t be in our drinking water. Where we cannot control the dose individuals take. That is medication without consent. Dosage cannot be controlled. How about babies on infant formula, Thirsty diabetics and persons with kidney disease
Fl;uoride only benefits children while teeth are forming. It benefits no-one after second teeth have been formed. Pills and drops can be prescribed for that purpose.
The ADA was sued by 40 of its members to stop endorsing the fluoridation of munici[pal water. These members said fluoride was unsafe. It causes permanent physical damage .
Research has shown that there is an increase in cancer rate in areas that fluoridate water. Doctors see premature aging of the human body in areas that fluoridate the water.
One tube of toothpaste has enough fluoride in it to kill a 25 lb. child.. Children swallow a sizable amount of toothpaste when they brush their teeth.
Instead children should be fed fewer sweets,encouraged to brush and floss frequently. Many countries have eliminated the poison including China, Germany, France in the US Albuquerque, Flagstaff and Phoenix AZ. is about to mount a campaign to eliminate the toxin.

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