A plumber who disappoints


Stephen Thorpe plumbers. I gave Mike the present boss1/2 the cost of the work. And he came to me for the balance of the money the other 1/2. which I did trying to help him out. That included service for the life of the furnace.I called him this year for a service call in preparation for winter. It has taken several weeks to get the service call. He keeps promising to come and I took a vacation during that time and he promised to come on Nov. 3rd when I was returning. He continues to put me off. I called him on 11/3 and he claimed to have had the flu and would come on Wed. 11/5. Today.   Still not here. I do not want to wait for him to arrive. this is unconscionable. Older single women tend to get shunted aside. This seems quite unpleasant. My next contact will be the BBB.  reporting the neglect I have felt from this organization.

follow up.  Networking got me a new plumber that just came in a timely fashion.  He serviced the furnace and gave me instructions about followup care.  Emptying the water on a regular basis. I will get a bill for payment.

Never heard from Mike  of Ste[hen Thorp[ again. I don’t miss not hearing.

Not a good experience overall.

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