Free Speech interrupted!


I belong to an organization that has its members make presentations for the group but the subject of the presentations is published ahead of time. Recently I prepared a presentation about amalgam fillings that contain Mercury. And how hazardous they are to our health. We have a number of old dentists in our group. One of them literally stole my time and presentation from me. He came up with a rebuttal before I could even begin. I had a short film that wanted to show but the computer equipment in our room was not working. So I started to present the data. And this Old dentist interrupted me with his belief that Mercury in our fillings was not dangerous. His information was old and dangerous. Mercury in your mouth is dangerous for us. I was not recommending removal but suggested that it not be used for our off springs, Grandchildren, etc. Apparently the EPA is challenging dentists for putting the mercury in our water supply when they irrigate our mouths as they work on our teeth. Mercury is indeed a poison. I also learned from someone who is in dental school that this young man is learning from his old faculty that Amalgam fillings are not dangerous. And should be continued to be used.
So my free speech was hijacked. Our leader (Delores) arose and said that this was my presentation and that audience members were not to take the time to dispute the presentation from the presenter. They could make their own presentation.
Is this one of the dangers of being able to speak to an audience of peers about an interesting and informative subject.
This calls for kindness, empathy, courtesy and politeness and consideration of one another.

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