LIRR Screws Up!


I wanted to use the LIRR from Queens yesterday late morning. When I looked at the schedule on the internet I found that both stations which I can use did not have service into Penn Station yesterday morning. So instead I decided to use the station at Flushing-Main Street. At that station there is only 1 machine to purchase tickets. On the street under the eastbound tracks. I did not know this. I was going west and had little time to catch the train. No machine at the westbound area. So in order to make the train I resigned myself to paying a greater fee for the ticket. Fortunately I told the conductor my tale of woe and she charged the machine rate for the trip. She also told me that the train had stopped at Broadway, which had been listed as having no service on the computer.
Solution: there needs to be available ticket purchase machines in both directions at the Flushing Station and there should be no misinformation on the LIRR schedule site on the internet.

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