Big Pharma Pushes


With consultation of a psychiatrist I was prescribed Paxil for occasional bouts of depression several years ago. I have been slowly weaning myself of the drug. So that today I don’t take it at all anymore. However I do take 2 other drugs. Last time I went to pick these up at my local pharmacy I was questioned by the clerk about my non-conpliance with the Paxil. He showed me a print out of the complaint. I told the chap that my doctor knows about how I take the drug. Yesterday I got an automated call from the Pharmacy about this. Telling me how long its been since I’ve had a refill. But there were no refills available. Would I mind if they called my doctor to authorize another prescription? I told the machine no I did not mind. Knowing that my doctor would speak with me before authorizing this.
It seems that they will go to any length to sell (push) drugs.

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