What Are The Police Doing and Why?


I live in a quiet and old neighborhood in Queens, NY in a 70 year old tudor. In front is a beautiful cherry tree. My family and I have lived there for 50 years I usually park my car in front of the house.
So I was away for the weekend and came home on Monday morning. I slept in the afternoon. When the doorbell rang I was slow in answering it. When I went to the door I saw a Police Dept. van driving away. The next day a I noticed a small sticker on the outside of front wind shield . It read NYC Police Dept and had a bar code number on it.

I met my neighbor and she told me what had happened with my car. It seems that the PD was going to tow my car.(Why?) Her son came out and told them that the car belonged to the owner of the house it was in front of.

I called the 109th Precinct and told my story to the operator. She said someone would get back to me. Have not heard yet. I now park in my driveway. Which is less convenient for me.

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