Good Friends With Good Advice


In Mexico each year I reconnect with a great Yoga teacher and friend, Maria. This year I got advice from her about a good doctor, a homeopath. He does not speak English but often finds someone who does who can translate. At one visit I brought my friend Bella to translate. I had several issues that he addressed including asthma and a painful knee that I had had diagnosed in NYC. A fancy MD who would not take Medicare charged me $400 + consultation plus Medicare was charged $709.00 for X-rays. And he would not treat me with (PLP,Platelet Rich Plasma), said my knees were too far gone. No cartilage left in the joint to inject glucosamine and platelets. In Mexico, (Ixtapan de la sal) Dr. Linares offered me the treatment. He took my blood and centrifuged it and added glucosamine and injected into both knees. I really feared the treatment would hurt and give me problems walking. Neither of these events happened. I walked out of his office without pain or disability. I had a second treatment before I left Mexico. And I plan to go back in the Spring for another treatment or two. He also gave me homeopathic drops for my asthma which helped me breathe.The cost was approximately
$ 50.00 for the PLP in Mexico.

Thanks to Maria and Dr. Linares.


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