XYLITOL – Sinus Nasal Spray


I have a very bright housekeeper who often borrows my books and implements the recommendations. I have an extensive library pertaining to health and wellness.

So yesterday she reminded of the book I had entitled "No More Allergies, Asthma, or Sinus Infections" by Dr. Lon Jones. Which she returned. I pulled out my Xlear Nasal Spray and since I was fighting a sinus infection with Vitamin C I promptly sprayed my nose. Within an hour or so I expectorated a huge amount of mucous and have felt better and unsick since.

Xylitol is not a new product. It is being used in Finland to prevent tooth decay. Children are given Xylitol gum to chew after lunch. Not only did it prevent tooth decay but also ear infections. Dr. Jones found that the spray was more efficacious and cost much less that the gum. A simple treatment that avoids antibiotics and is very effective.

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