A Good Doctor


I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with doctors. I tend to be knowledgable about my well being and health but am rarely listened to by conventional MDs. So essentially I do my own thing, inform myself and live a pretty good life to stay healthy.
However I have a sometimes painful right knee. So I have been consulting with a physiatrist recommended to me by my friend Helene. The pain has been manageable with an occasional aspirin until recently. So together we decided to have a lubricant injected into the joint for relief.

I had some question about the procedure and e-mailed this doctor. (Yes he allows e-mails). He is away from his office and I got an e-mail message saying to contact them.

In the meantime he did read my e-mail and gave me a thorough explanation of the procedure (via e-mail) so that I could make the decision to go ahead with the shots.

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