Big Pharma Wins Again


I’m taking a trip to South East Asia this week and it was recommended that I take an antibiotic with me just in case. Many people take Cipro so I called my internist for a prescription for the drug. He recommended that I take Levaquin and called my pharmacy to order it for me. I was given the generic which is quite OK. The insert which came with the drug indicated that the cost of this generic drug to Medicare was $139.95 for the seven pills. I only paid a copay of $5.00. The government was being charged $20.00 a pill for this antibiotic by the pharmaceutical company. Can you believe this?

So I went searching for the distributor of Levaquin and got a real education. This drug is one of 3 quinone antibiotics.  All of which are very dangerous to one’s health and well being.  The other 2 are Cipro and Avelox.  Levaquin is distributed by Ortho McNeil-Jannson Pharmaceuticals.

And there are lawyers and lawsuits being organized because of injury to tendons from the drug which is the only side effect the company owns up to.

Incidentally Cipro is much cheaper than Levaquin although equally hazardous. I wonder why my doctor recommended the switch.

And I had not even read today’s NYT yet about the “Soaring Cost of a Simple Breath”.


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