Connected: Hoarding and Geoengineering


There are 2 articles in today’s NYT that are strongly connected.  On the front page is an article about the hazards of hoarding and on the editorial page is an article about geoengineering as a solution to global warning.  Both situations have the same solution.  When we hoard we are seriously over consuming and not only destroying our immediate environment but also using up natural resources.  And in the process causing a great deal of global change in the manufacture of the goods we are hoarding.

In the geoengineering article there is a suggestion that we build a vast industrial infrastructure to offset the effects our industrial and consumer pollution instead of shifting to renewable energy.  The article does not suggest that we strongly reduce consumption.

Both these articles are missing the point.  If we consumed less we would not be plagues by the effects of hoarding or the polluting (destroying) of the planet. The solution is a psychological one.  We mess up our environments because our minds are messy.  Only when our mind comes to rest and becomes serene can we sort out our surroundings.  We hoard, over consume because we are troubled and emotionally inundated and thus cannot gain peace and serenity, not even by shopping.

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