My Emergency Room Hospital Experiences in 2 States, NY and Mass.


At the end of 2012 I had several spontaneous and prolonged nosebleeds and sought emergency medical help for 2 of them. On 12/29/12 I drove myself to the emergency room of St. Francis Hospital and on 12/31/12
I was taken by ambulance to To Lenox, Mass from Kripalu near Tanglewood. The ambulance ride was billed separately and is not included in this calculation.
So what was the difference in cost of treatment for the same condition at two different hospitals?
St. Francis Medical Center billed Medicare and my supplemental insurance $938.00 and received $601.96. No physician’s fees were billed.
Berkshire Medical Center billed a total of $1691.44 and received $1349.82. This included billing form the ER MD of $333.30.
Bottom Line:
St. Francis Hospital received less than half of the monies paid to the BMC.
There does not seem to be a standard. Is it just clever bill preparation by the hospital accounting staff?

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