Doctoring as a Partnership


I am a well informed healthy individual and thus expect to be an active partner with an MD or DO in promoting my well being. Unfortunately most of the doctors I have consulted feel that they have the last word and do little to incorporate my knowledge and thinking into my treatment. Now I have been vindicated. I have reluctantly taken mammograms but most recently had a thermogram to check on whether I had inflamation or a lump in my breasts without invasive compression or radiation. My DO was unimpressed. Today on there was a lengthy discussion on the dangers of mammograms and safety of thermograms.

Similarly I have refused to take statin drugs or prescription blood thinners because of the serious side effects and the unclear therapeutic outcomes of these medicines. I direct you to the film “Statin Nation” which points out the many pitfalls of these drugs.
Both these medical prescription (Mammography and prescribing Statin drugs) are financially driven. without regard to the harm they do to patients.

Is there a doctor available to me that does not subscribe to the standard medical practice of capitulating to the pharmaceutical companies and the AMA?

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