No Oversight or Just Brazen Cheating and Theft? Actually Both.


In today’s NYT (Soaring Charges By A Contractor With Special Ed) a lead article, describes how our local governments and we are being duped and robbed. Cheon Park began providing services to the city as early as 1998. He now runs several sites that service Pre-K special ed children. This program was “generously financed and poorly regulated”. He has billed the state and city upwards of $50,000 per child serviced. So why has this not been investigated? Comptroller DeNapoli has been in office long enough to have spotted the abuses. Mayor Bloomberg testified before the Albany Legislature asking that the SEIT Pre-K program run by Park be asked to rein in their enormous costs. He pointed out the conflict of interest when evaluators also provide service. The mayor was ignored.
There seems to be some effort to check this out since the NYT has brought it out into daylight.
But in the meantime Park remains free and very rich.

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