Time to Become a Vegitarian


David Kessler in an OP-Ed piece in the NYT today discusses the very excessive use of antibiotics in meat and poultry being raised commercially for human consumption. However the FDA is not able to (or will not) tell us how much and what kind of antibiotics are being used. And they are not being used to heal sick animals but often fed to healthy animals to make them grow faster and suppress diseases that arise because they live in dangerously close quarters on top of one another’s waste. The industry is getting a lot of help in covering up their actions including Senate committees and the FDA. No on is forthcoming with the data needed to protect our health. The only solution is to act with our pocketbooks. Do not eat these products. Either avoid all meat and poultry or buy only from a certified organic farm which is not easy to do and quite costly. So become a vegetarian.

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