Benedictions – Speaking well of, promoting goodness or well being.


At this late stage in my life I have experienced a great awakening and how to approach life. I recently read a book entitled Benedictions by Kent Haruf. One of his key characters is a preacher who confronts his congregation with a very disturbing passage from the Bible attributed to Luke. The essence of the reading states “Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you.  If someone strikes you on the cheek turn to him the other one also. Give to everyone who asks you and if anyone takes what belongs to you do not demand it back”.

This idea can be very unnerving as it was to most of his congregants. But it is an interesting approach to relationships. Hate no one and even try to love your supposed enemies. This can take a lot of tension out of our lives. Rabbi Weisser made a similar recommendation during our weekly meditation. Love and be kind to everyone. And also yourself.

One Response to “Benedictions – Speaking well of, promoting goodness or well being.”

  1. Edie Kaplan Says:

    this sounds great. I wish that our penal system could do the same. It bothers me that after people serve sentences they return to the mainstream but so many doors are closed to them. IS THIS THE CHRISTIAN WAY OF FORGIVING? SO THEY OFTEN HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO RETURN TO CRIME. I WONDER WHAT THE RABBI CAN SAY ABOUT THIS.

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