Getting Gas


So I finally bit the bullet and got on a gas line in Auburndale, Queens. A delivery had just been made so I was virtually assured of getting gasoline. I got on the line at 3:20 or so 13 blocks from the station. I was not at the end for long as the line kept building up. As it grew dark and time kept passing I began to fear that some time soon we would discover that there was no more gas. Especially as I close to the head of the line. Imagine being sent away with just a few cars in front of me after being there over 4 hours. Fortunately that did not happen and around 7:30 I was allowed to enter the station to purchase gasoline, as much as I needed.
What did I learn? 1. Don’t do it. A tank of gas is not worth 4 hours of one’s time. 2. Know that station you go to. This one had only 3 bays serving drive ups. And two for walk ups with cans. Everything was very slow. But the most important lesson was that we need to be very protective of our resources (including gasoline) and not waste them on frivolities.
This is only a minor inconvenience in my life. But I learned a good lesson. Appreciate what you have and don’t casually frizzle it away. Namaste

PS: I’m now going to vote in my local poling place. I always walk there.  I hope they have electricity.

PPS: Voting went well with no delay.  But I walked past my local gas station.  People were already lined up but no gas was available and the station workers said they don’t expect a delivery until this evening. This problem does not seem to be going away.

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