The Aftermath


So here is my status. Peter was able to move power around my half powered house. He took from the dining room which had power to the living room which did not. So I have TV, light and internet access in the LR. He did this throughout the house so that I have a reading light in my unpowered bedroom, washer and dryer, charging power, etc. This all has made a huge difference in my well being during this crisis.
I went to Yoga in Glenwood Landing this morning and witnessed much anxiety among people on Northern Boulevard trying to purchase gasoline. Very long lines that did not seem to move; gas stations full of cars where there was no gasoline, and one station in Bayside very full of individuals purchasing gas in five gallon containers. The price there was $4.39. Last time I bought gas I paid $3.89. So there seems to be gouging. There was also a $20.00 limit for cars making purchases at this station.
I have a 1/3 of a tank for emergencies and will no stay out of the car until I can refill my tank.

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