Free of Contaminated Drugs


Many years ago the employees of the Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital went on strike and the mentally ill patients were sent home back into the community. When the strike was over half of the patients did not return. Perhaps they did better at liberty or weren’t quite that ill to begin with.
I’d like to entertain a similar scenario with prescription drugs. There is an apparent shortage of drugs for Americans because of outdated, ill maintained and outright dangerous conditions in the manufacturing of these medicines. So perhaps some patients will have to do without. And perhaps they will do better health wise. We know that drugs can be harmful. There are so many disclaimers in the inserts. There are many recalls of popular and heavily consumed medicines for various reasons. So why not we all take a drug holiday and see what happens. It might well be a Creedmoor moment.

One Response to “Free of Contaminated Drugs”

  1. Edie Kaplan Says:

    HI IM UN BREST RIGHT NOW VISITING FRENCH FRIENDS AND I READ YOUR PEEVES. i agree. However, I just took two maalox becaue I had consumed some dry cider with dinner and boy did I have a case of hearburm. I WONDER WHAT I MIGHT HAVE TAKEN TO RELIEVE MY CONDITION. BE WELL AND TRY TO SEND A NOTE.

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