Women and Power – What’s Possible


I spent the weekend at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY. Entitled Women & Power. This was their tenth such event. And my first. I heard many wise and challenged women. And learned how they were coping. Some issues addressed include: Can we forgive the perpetrators? Many, many women have experienced insults and assaults by men. Especially those in countries where men believe that women are their property and must yield to their demands and wishes. So the question arises “Can these women forgive their perpetrators and no longer feel victimized?” The outcome of this discussion was that the women need not feel like a victim. They can perhaps empathize with the perpetrator. Of course this works best when the perpetrator feels and shows remorse.

Majora Carter has shown what an individual can do to restore a seriously deteriorating community, The South Bronx. Remember when it was said that “The Bronx is Burning?” Abandoned buildings that were set afire rather than be restored. Majora has been instrumental in totally reversing this. She has helped develop Bronx River Park with greenways. She is working on turning the closed Spofford Juvenile Detention Center into mixed income housing with some industrial development, with access to public transit and open green spaces.

Several participants have helped make a bridge between cultures and nationals that literally hate each other. These include women from North and South Korea, Muslims and Christians, Indian and Pakistani women. Dialogues and understanding has been the result.
Eve Ensler (pictured below) strongly expressed her rage against what is happening to women and children. She herself was seriously abused as a child and young woman. She has a new play (Emotional Creature) coming out in NYC soon and is organizing a worldwide event for billion individuals on 2/14/13 to celebrate and honor women to include disruption and dancing everywhere.
And finally today Cecile Richards (pictured below) spoke about the attempts to close down Planned Parenthood by the Republicans in Congress. She tells us that John Boehner met with Barack Obama the discuss the monetary crisis earlier this year. Boehner offered Obama cooperation if he would agree to close down Planned Parenthood. Well President Obama said “No Way”. Did you know that many men use Planned Parenthood to check for STDs? If offers many health services. And no abortions. Yet Republicans are threatened by it.
Cecile Richards is being spoken of as a potential presidential candidate. I guess after Hillary.
There was a lot more. Much of it very emotional and I may follow up in the near future. Particularly the financial aspects of the discrimination against women and how to remedy this.

The tent shows where we had a gala dinner on Saturday night for 700 attendees.

2 Responses to “Women and Power – What’s Possible”

  1. Noelle Says:

    Hi Eve! I so enjoy this post as well as others. I lost your email address but feel free to contact me. I am organizing a fundraiser for a local domestic violence shelter with some other women who were at our table at the gala dinner – the inspiration from the weekend continues..Blessings, Noelle

    • Eve Winer Says:

      Good to hear from you. What a glorious weekend we all had. Perhaps we can get together soon.
      Eve Winer

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