Jeb Bush at Hofstra


In preparation for the Presidential Debate at Hofstra on October 16th the university is offering a series of Signature Events with prominent political figures to inform the student body about election issues. Yesterday’s presenter was Jeb Bush. And in general he was quite impressive considering who his brother is.
A key point he made which I heartily agree with is that we need to welcome immigrants. We need them. Our native population is declining and the immigrants will create substantial economic growth. The immigration process needs to be reformed with better border control and H1B1 visas be expanded. Bush suggests we model a Canadian system with aspiration quotas based on the need of the community they will be entering. With regard to people here already there should be a path to legal status. Bush acknowledges that this is contrary to his Republican Party’s platform.
Overall he seemed quite moderate although he espoused some traditional Republican values. Someone asked why he was not running for president. He certainly would appeal to moderates. But that is exactly why. He would not at all appeal to the Tea Party members.

One Response to “Jeb Bush at Hofstra”

  1. Dave Winer Says:

    “quite impressive considering who his brother is.”


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