Missing: The Patient


There are very clear differences between the proposed Medicare plans by the two parties. Democrats claim they want to keep Medicare the way it is and Republicans want seniors to get a fixed annual payment from the government that they could use to buy traditional medicare coverage or private health insurance policy.
I believe that both parties recognize that the costs are too high and want some form of cost containment. Which must happen in order for Medicare to survive. However, no one talks about the patient’s responsibility for reducing the cost.
Patients must stop blindly accepting all the treatments and procedures recommended by their doctors. We must become knowledgeable about our health, medical issues and possible remedies. So that we can work with the doctor on relief of our symptoms. Number one is do we need all the intervention recommended by our doctor? Are there lifestyle changes we should be making to make us healthier? Do we need all the diagnostic tests? Are any of them harmful?
Once we have the answers to some or all of these questions costs should drop because we are taking responsibility for our health and bodies. And then we will be healthier and so will Medicare.

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