Eliminating Fluoride in our Water Supply


Portland Oregon is having a debate about whether to add fluoride to its water supply of not. If you believe that fluoride is beneficial to dental health (which I do not), one argument is not whether one should or not use fluoride but what the delivery system should be and how to control the dose. Using our water supply to provide the chemical is very hazardous and haphazard. In the water we cannot control the dosage and we cannot give informed consent to taking the drug or opt out.  In addition topical application is far more effective than ingestion and most countries do not fluoridate their water and the dental health of their citizens is just as good as ours.
Finally fluoride is a neurotoxin and it can be very harmful to our whole bodies. The reason we are being pressured to use this poison is that it greatly benefits the industrial economy.  Sodium Fluoride is a by-product of  aluminum companies (Alcoa) pharmaceutical cos. and weapons manufacturers.  Our water supplies have become an outlet for disposing and sale of mounting fluoride industrial waste.  So that is who is behind the push to fluoridate our drinking water.  Lots of money and power. Never mind the harm they are doing to our health.

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