Making Healthy Choices


As a person who has had atrial fibrillation most of her life I am constantly asked by doctors to take a blood thinner. First Coumadin and the Pradaxa. I always refuse. And I feel fine even though I am very old. I prefer to not to take these relatively invasive medicines. And I maintain my health with good food, nutrients, supplements and a healthy lifestyle. Coumadin seriously restricts one’s lifestyle and diet. Now it has emerged that Pradaxa causes some serious health risks. The AMA reports that if one should start bleeding while on the drug it is hard to stop the bleed.
The take away from this is that we must be very wary and alert to medical recommendations from doctors. I have been writing about overtreatment lately and the drugs you are prescribed are just one example of such medical practices.
I recently suggested to a friend who is taking a statin drug that he ask his doctor about taking CoQ10 along with the drug. His doctor said that he could take it but there was not evidence about it being necessary. Not true.
We must get informed about how to stay healthy and take responsibility for our own health and well being.

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