Fair Share


I’m sick and tired of hearing that it would not help our economy if the very rich paid their fair share of taxes, the same as the rest of us do. That is not a reason for their not paying. In fact it would not at all damage their ability to live their lavish lifestyles if they paid the same percentage we all pay. Instead their non participation enables them to view themselves as above it all, smug and not at all a part of our struggle to bring the nation back to prosperity.
Were they to pay, as we all do, they would feel that they have some responsibility and even obligation to be a part of the solution to the economic difficulties the nation is experiencing. Instead now they flaunt their eliteness and exclusiveness.
So its not only the money. It is the attitude and lack of caring their not paying their fair share fosters. To paraphrase Obama, We are one United States that includes the very rich, middle class, the poor and very poor. We all benefit from national prosperity, including the very rich.

One Response to “Fair Share”

  1. Edie Kaplan Says:

    Touchez! Right ON


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