My Life’s Work


My mother started me off when she listened to Gaylord Hauser and Carlton Frederick’s on the radio in the 40’s and 50’s. Maureen Gaynor, my next door neighbor in JH was also had a huge influence. She actually introduced me to writings of Adele Davis. Over the years I devoted reading, research and lifestyle to the concept that one can achieve good health by living healthfully. This included a good diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, an open mind and now mindfulness and meditation.
Today (7/15/12) there was a huge convergence. Joe Mercola had a video on his web site about “Life Without Cancer” and the immense contribution of our financial system to the suppression of non traditional cancer treatments. Very complicated and damning. I urge you to link to it. But what emerged from my search on the subject of alternative cancer treatments was the work of Margaret Cuomo, MD. She has a book coming out in October entitled “A World without Cancer.” And I have a serendipitous connection with her. My friend Helene introduced me to a Yoga Zone in Glen Cove a number of years ago.  Margaret and her husband, Howard Maier were the owners of the facility. It provided state of the art yoga classes. And even though it was not near my home I went regularly 2 – 3 times a week. The studio closed quite a few years ago but 4 of their best teachers formed another group, Salutations and I continue to practice with them regularly.
Some of my activities to promote my healthy living treatis include several research studies,  for my MS and Ph.D. I have presented at PEIR The story of “Burzynski” “Food Matters” as well as a talk on Mindfuless and Health Benefits.
So in summary, I have developed a life style from my mother, Maureen Gaynor, Joe Mercola, and even Margaret I. Cuomo, MD.
And I believe that from these teachings I have been successful in maintaining my own good health.

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