And Again Today – Let’s (Not) Get Physicals


Today’s NY Times (Sunday Review) Elisabeth Rosenthal, MD reports that the annual physical together with many screening tests are often pointless and can even be dangerous. But there is a rub. Doctors insist. For example if you are taking any medication you cannot get renewals unless you go see the doctor. That is my situation. I take Synthroid and Digoxin. I’m not sure why but when I ask about discontinuing these I’m told to just stay on the drugs. They do no harm. I will not take any other medication and am considering stopping the above mentioned two. But my doctor will be annoyed if I don’t show up. I get calls reminding me that my (semi) annual visit is due. I say I feel well and they agree to a postponement for a while.
I suppose one can live (and die) without a doctor. We’ll see.

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