Hazards of Bullying


As a school psychologist I would discuss bullying with my students and showed a film made by Dr. Dan Olweus from Norway. This film stressed the dangers of being a bully and showed a 40 something man in jail telling his story about the outcome of his antisocial behavior. He told about bullying his younger brother without care or remorse. And how this played out in his adult life sending him to jail.
This film made a great impact on my students and often after I left the classroom a child would come to my office asking to discuss his/her tendencies to be mean, thoughtless and sometimes bully her/his fellow students.
Are we going to elect an individual as president or to any office who lacks compassion, is mean to such an extent that he claims not to remember his acts as a 15 year old? Who says that he does not care about the poor, etc. I’m sure the person who was bullied by Mitt Romney could remember it vividly. Unfortunately this individual is now deceased.

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