Its Not About Losing Weight but Eating Healthfully


Most people believe that one once has achieved a desirable weight he/she can then eat what one wants. Not true.

Losing a weight is a byproduct of eating healthfully.

So what does it mean to eat healthfully?

Joe Mercola has a website fully describing how to achieve good health. But briefly there are a number of foods you should avoid and others you should include in your diet.

Those to avoid include:
Refined sugar especially fructose corn syrup
Artificial sweeteners (except Stevia)
Soda, sweetened with sugar or aspertaine
White foods in general such as flour, pasta, bread, sugar, baked goods, potatoes, refined rice, etc.

Those to eat:
Fresh fruits and vegetables,
Kefir (whole milk, plain)
organic meat
Good oils, coconut, olive, butter

Suggested supplements:
Krill oil
Vit. D3 or sufficient sunshine
Vit. C, E and Astaxanthin (antioxidants)

Exercise is also an important component of achieving good health.

This may seem a far departure from most peoples normal diet but well worth undertaking to attain good health and well being.

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