Libraries and NPR


Outside my family and friends, I value The Queens Library and NPR the most.  And both these institutions are seriously threatened at this time.  Library hours, availability and access may be reduced and WLIW (Doc Martin), a part of NPR has had its budget cut by $700,000 by the NEA.

What are politicians thinking?  What would our culture be without access to written matter. Not only books but also book readers (ebooks) which are being made available to borrow.  As are the books that can be read on them.  Computers and lessons on how to use them are available.  Cultural events, chess lessons, children’s programs, driver ed., lectures and lots more.

As for NPR there have been some questions as to programming bias. But the station is trying hard to present balanced views. With facts to always back up the presentations.  With few interruptions for commercials (except for necessary fundraising).  WQXR, which is now part of NPR network, BBC overnight and many other very worth while programs are all part of my daily activities. I listen to these programs throughout the day, my house and in my car. Even on my SONY while walking in the street.

As I write this I am even more dismayed about the potential losses of these civilizing institutions which so many of depend upon.

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