I belong to a wonderful organization at Hofstra University called PEIR, Personal Enrichment In Retirement. We are a group of about 200 plus older individuals. Our format is to make 1 1/2 hour presentations for the members on a topic one is interested in. In other words, we teach and entertain each other. The process is extremely enriching for both the presenters and their audience.

I’ve done several such programs and find the process of researching the subject and preparing and presenting the findings very growthful. One needs to read a lot. Check on facts and organize the information in a meaningful and interesting way. There are no grades. No requirements except to keep the audience interested and informed. Its like going to college and even graduate school without the anxiety and worry about “making the grade.” Just worrying about pleasing this erudite and sophisticated membership. But boy does it stretch the brain, both as a participant and presenter.

I’m particularly pleased at this moment in time because I just completed a presentation this afternoon that went very well. I got lots of favorable feedback.

One Response to “PEIR”

  1. Dave Winer Says:


    I’m very proud of you for keeping engaged, and sharing what you know and what you learn.

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