On Thursday I showed the film at PEIR and it caused a lot of reaction from loving it to hating it. Essentially the 1983 film Koyaanisqatsi contrasts the tranquil beauty of nature with the frenzied hum of contemporary urban society at that time. With a haunting evocative score by Philip Glass.
I found it disturbing to see how we a have impacted on our planet in such a negative way.
Well yesterday, Friday I lived the mayhem we are enmeshed in. I made a trip to central New Jersey to visit my dear and longtime friend Kate. The first 10 miles took me one hour to drive. I arrived after a 100 mile drive three hours later.
The return trip was even more daunting. It was night already and there were many, many cars and trucks. And the large, almost full moon was peaking over the horizon. I almost wasn’t sure that was what I was seeing. In the foreground zillions of the cars, trucks, smokestacks and layered highways and peaking at me in the distance was the moon.
It was surreal.

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