Mindfulness and Teens


My new approach to social interactions works very well with somewhat challenging teens.  I invited one of these young girls to join me with a friend or 2 to make a brief visit to the excellent local museum which she had never been to. She said she would check with her friend.  Not too enthusiastically.  The next day I heard nothing nor did I ask about it.  I just assumed we were not going.  Don’t ask and thus no need to tell works quite well. No hard feelings either.

This has been working for me with other relationships.  Don’t press anyone for an answer. If he/she wants to do what you had suggested they will tell you. Not hearing is a response as well. No one is put in an awkward position having to defend a no response. A win-win interaction.


One Response to “Mindfulness and Teens”

  1. Dave Winer Says:

    People don’t like to say no.

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